Central India’s “Gond Art”

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This Art work in inspired by traditional “Gond-Art” from Central rural regions of India.

The Art is itself very interesting to work and explore.. however i tried painting it with my own version and imagination 🙂 🙂 !!

The Nemyss

painting 1.jpg



The above painting is inspired by ritual Egyptian head-dress – “Nemyss” , of the pharaohs (Kings). The colors and designs of it changes according to the ritual ceremonies of Egyptian culture. All designs and patterns have meanings. It was the convenient ceremonial garment to distinguish ritualism from one another. It is best known from popular images of the sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen.


  • Solo Exhibition “AAGAAZ” (The beginning) – 2010  – Rangayan Art Gallery, Bhopal -M.P.
  • Solo Exhibition “Art of Observation” – 2016 – Golden Jublee Auditorium ,Dr. Harisigh Gour University, Sagar – M.P.
  • Online Exhibition Cum Sale “Art of Observation”- 2016 – Mehta Art Gallery, Varanasi                                                                                                               LIVE NOW !!! – http://www.mehtaartgallery.org/anjul-malviya-online-exhibition/